Strategic partnerships to your advantage

International network

Olislaegers De Creus & Clerens is a founding partner of Awerian, the network of independent boutique business law firms in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain.

Members of the Awerian network provide independent legal advice to represent your interests in the most suitable and professional way. Our common vision is to secure the rights of our clients in a pragmatic, involved and determined manner.

With a network covering the major European economies, the members of Awerian are in a position to offer a cross-border practice that facilitates the efficient provision of multidisciplinary legal services to businesses operating in the European Union. Our distinctive cooperation between boutique law practices creates unique benefits for our clients; not only the various local legal insights, but also the personal contact between the clients and each law firm partner involved. Alongside the extensive experience of the local member firms, clients of the Awerian firms' network can benefit form the experience and knowledge in each of the jurisdictions covered.

Thanks to Awerian, you can now retain the services of a closely connected network of boutique business law firms to respind to cross-border challenges and opportunities in a more cost-efficient approach.

For more information regarding Awerian please refer to or contact one of the partners at Olislaegers De Creus & Clerens.



Olislaegers De Creus & Clerens has developed professional relationships with a number of law firms in other European jurisdictions, Asia, Canada, the Middle-East and the US, that provide legal services meeting the standards of Olislaegers De Creus & Clerens and its clients.

These specialized independent law firms provide expert legal counsel with respect to their local jurisdictions, and are used to address – together with the Olislaegers De Creus & Clerens partners – the cultural challenges inherent to doing business in countries that may have a different legal and business culture. Of course, these local firms are capable to service clients in English as well as in the local languages.

For more information regarding the international support of your legal requirements, please contact one of the partners at Olislaegers De Creus & Clerens.