Integrating our knowledge into your business

Corporate & M&A Law

The lawyers of the network have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of corporate matters, including the incorporation of companies, mergers and acquisitions on both sides seller and purchaser, shareholder arrangements, the setting up and negotiating of joint ventures, finding investment, going public, initial public offerings, corporate finance deals and capital market operations, often in a cross border context.


Member firms frequently assist clients from a variety of big stock-listed enterprises, mid-size and family-held companies, including succession planning.


They have an in-depth understanding of economic and accounting principles which ensures a pragmatic and effective approach, aimed at value creation.


Whether dealing with mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, preferential supply or exclusivity arrangements, the members of our network make sure that their clients' contracts are compliant with local as well as European legal requirements and that all formalities (e.g. certifications, public disclosure or notifications) will be met.


Having particular knowledge of financial regulations and capital market practices, the members of our network also assist clients in the negotiation of bank loans or the granting of securities for both borrowers and lenders, moreover including real estate finance, acquisition finance, project finance secured and unsecured lending, debt, or derivatives across many sectors.


Members of the network also advise and defend their clients’ interests in terms of regulatory aspects of the local financial markets, financial services and financial service providers such as banks, insurance companies, brokers and financial advisors.